Graphic -Photographer -Motion -Video-storyteller

I am a Graphic Photographer, Motion and Video-storyteller. I am passionate in what I´m doing.

Photography – Motion Graphics – Video – Colour Grade – Graphic – Videographer

Graphics and Photographer from Copenhagen

Call or write for a non-committal meeting or a quick chat about your project:
→ Tel. 2334 2123

I am a Graphic Photographer Motion and Video-storyteller, which is passionate in what I´m doing. Work with different task. Big or small.

I work from your plans and ideas, and can challenge them with questions for giving your a response to your ideas.

One of my strengths are marketing understanding and the ability to follow the projects to the door by either lay-outing,

photographing a video-storytelling, programming a WordPress homepage or project leading others if the task requires it.

I work in closely with a client’s team as a Video-storytelling, with photography and editing, colour-grade and text.

I take the working project to the end and can also design and produce a wide range of marketing products such as, an animated GIF, Motion Graphic.

Layout of a folder, magazine, a WordPress homepage. Photographing video and product and portrait pictures.

If possible I work on my ‘stick’ within normal working hours and is ready to minor corrections as quickly as possible.

I can therefore a natural and flexible extension of the company’s marketing department.


I have previously solved tasks for:

Stuhr M&W, Thrane & Thrane, Cobham, Bonnier, Det Konservative Folkeparti, Det Dansk Pigekor, Hammers, Nimbus, Loreal, Den Røde Cottage,

Specials: Motion and short Videos

is Motion Graphic videos and short cuts movies. I am responsible for the entire process from idea over storyboard to finished animation. See my projects here:

Graphic Design

I perform design and layout of books, magazines, advertising leaflets, flyers and posters. I handle the whole process from idea over principle layout to pre-press and finished printed matter.

Layout & DTP

Once the overall style is laid out and the principle layout is produced, I work my way quickly and safely from side to side and make sure the graphic style is consistent throughout.


WordPress Homepage

The design and layout of a WordPress homepage requires a tight and sometimes also variable basic design depending on the subject and the type of webpages in question.


I am photographing product and portrait images and deliver to everything from social media and advertising ads to profile brochures over posters and photos to websites.

Skib Container som vægbillede hos Unionkul
Wall Photography Unionkul

Wall photographs

I photograph and produce wall pictures for companies in many different style types for decoration as opposed to white office walls.